Infectiologist Christoph Wenisch declares herd immunity to be dead.

Infectiologist Christoph Wenisch explains that herd immunity has died. The corona virus is changing too quickly to ever exist.

Vienna, Austria) – Anyone who was against a corona vaccination after two years of a pandemic and was waiting for herd immunity should now be rudely shaken up.

Infectiologist Christoph Wenisch declares herd immunity to be dead. © IMAGO/SEPA.Media/Michael Indra

“Herd immunity has always been questioned virologically, but now it’s dead,” said the Austrian infectiologist Christoph Wenisch on Saturday evening in an interview with Patrick Budgen ORF.

According to this, the corona virus always changes so quickly that a considerable part of the population could become infected with it. This was the opinion of several virologists who recently exchanged views at an infection congress, says Wenisch.

The Austrian therefore describes herd immunity as a “misconception”. The only thing that can protect non-immunized people from a severe course is vaccination.

Omicron subtype BA.2 dramatically increases corona infections
Omicron subtype BA.2 dramatically increases corona infections

However, the head of the infection department at the Favoriten clinic in Vienna does not recommend the fourth spade to everyone. Only people over the age of 65 and those with pre-existing medical conditions should seek advice on this. For everyone else there is no such recommendation in Austria. The situation is similar in Germany.

A study recently came to the conclusion that the fourth vaccination only helped to a limited extent. After some time, the antibody concentration was similar to that after the third vaccination. The second booster hardly protects against Omikron in particular.

Instead of loosening up more and more quickly in the Corona policy, Wenisch would like to see a “certain deceleration” in the Budgen interview. Even if citizens didn’t like every protection, they would get used to it. This helps to avoid infections in everyday life.

The rapid changes – Austria overturned almost all corona restrictions at the beginning of March and then gradually reintroduced – according to the infectiologist, only cause confusion among the population.

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