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With a inflation of 6% during the month of Aprilthe rise in food prices was led by the fish, meat, flour and dairy. With an increase of 17.1%, the hake filet topped the list of increasesfollowed by flour, meat and bread, with cost increases above two digits.

During Holy Week, days before Easter Sunday, the kilo of hake had a seasonal increase of 17.1%, followed by frozen hamburgers, which marked 16.6%.

Then came wheat flour with 16.1% and sunflower oil with 13.5% and chicken with a 12.1% increase in price compared to last March.

The hake fillet increased by 17.1%.

According to Martín Guzmán’s forecast, April inflation was lower than March’s

Among the foods that exceeded the two-digit increase in their price were French bread 11.1%, crackers 10.3%, sugar 11.8%, common wine 11.4% and yerba mate 10%.

French bread increased in April by 11.1%

How much did meat and dairy increase?

Despite the price agreement that the government signed with the refrigerators with some selected cuts, beef recorded significant increases: the roast had an increase of 5.2%, minced meat 9.8%, rump 7.7% and buttock 7.8%.

As for dairy products, cream cheese increased by 8.5%, pategras by 6.2%, Sardinian cheese by 7.2%, butter by 8.2% and firm yogurt by 8.9%.

Dairy may be missing.

The only significant price drops recorded in April were the cost of tomatoes, which fell by 25.5%, lemons, 15.7%, and lettuce, down 7.1%.


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