Inflation in the US reaches its highest value in 40 years

Inflation in the United States reached an annual 8.6 percent in May according to the CPI consumer index, which represents the highest value reached since December 1981, local media reported based on data from the US Department of Labor.


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Likewise, it was detailed that the increase with respect to the month of April was more than one percent, while between the months of March and April there was an increase of 0.3 percentage points.

This data has affected the price of gasoline, for example, which registered a rise in its price of about 4.1 percent in May.

Due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, but above all to the measures imposed later by the US itself and the European Union on Moscow, energy registered the highest rise in its price since 2005 (34.6 percent).

However, a more distant precedent has the increase in the cost of food (March 1981) which showed an increase in the price of 10.1 percent in one year.

On the other hand, housing, airline tickets and vehicles, as well as sectors such as health care, leisure and clothing sales also experienced increases.

Local media based on expert criteria affirm that in December the inflation based on consumer prices or CPI will be higher than 6 percent.

The Executive of Joe Biden has declared inflation as the main priority within domestic policy and will call on the House of Representatives of that nation to vote in favor of a bill adopted in March by the Senate, which seeks prevent ocean carriers from increasing their prices.

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