Injury Iserbyt is playing up again: he is considering scrapping Dublin and Val di Sole
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Half a cross Eli Iserbyt (25) was able to keep up appearances in Overijse. After that he slipped away again, but with seventh place he managed to keep his leader’s jersey in the World Cup. “I punctured just after the post and then it went downhill. Seventh place was the highest possible,” said Iserbyt.

Steve George

The problem in his lower back, which also wreaks havoc on his left leg, continues to bother the West Fleming and prevents him from fully competing with the rest of the cross world. “It’s not really improving at the moment,” Iserbyt gives a state of affairs. “The more mud and running gear involved, the harder it gets. I’m trying to move on. I have a better feeling in training and my first half of the game was promising. I hope that continues in the games. It’s like in a dream that you want to walk, but your body doesn’t really cooperate. I have to drag my left leg a little with every step. Mentally I really have to be there, that takes energy.”

Iserbyt tries to improve or at least control the problem with muscle-strengthening exercises. “I have little choice. The only alternative is an injection of cortisone, but then I can’t race for a month and I don’t even have a guarantee that the problem will be solved. I also don’t like surgery because I don’t want my body to be cut at the age of 25. So I take the longer, harder road and keep doing those exercises and taking anti-inflammatories. After the cross in Antwerp I will see how things stand. Then I go to Spain for an internship. Maybe we’ll look into ignoring the World Cups in Dublin and Val di Sole and staying in Calpe for a week longer.”

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