Insecurity causes drop in car sales

Leon, Guanajuato. The first quarter of this year saw fewer vehicle sales than the last two years.

From January to March of this year, 9,803 units were sold in the entity, 5.2% less than the 10,338 vehicles sold during the same period in 2021.

Arturo González Palomino, president of the Association of Automotive Distributors of the state of Guanajuato (AMDA)explained that there are various factors that affect the sale of vehicles, for example: the drop in purchasing power, insecurity and the scarcity of microcomponents are part of these results.

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Given this, the president of the AMDA pointed out that the National Guard should have a greater presence on the roads.

Despite these results, González Palomino said that the investments that may reach Guanajuato benefit the sale of cars due to the sale of fleets.

By fixing the issue of logistics and supply, sales can be recovered towards the end of the year”.

He pointed out that the vehicles that are arriving at the agencies are being sold, and that for them, having enough supply can meet the demand for sales.

González Palomino explained that another of the actions that can favor the sale of cars is the modification in the state Mobility Law to promote the sale of electric cars in the state.

For this, the installation of the necessary infrastructure must be accelerated to guarantee that users have sufficient recharging points.

At the moment one of the initiatives is to promote the installation of charging centers in the Association of Gas Stations, a project that is on the table, but it is hardly a progress, he said.

Third month of fall

During this year the first three months registered drops in new car sales compared to 2021.

The results for March 2022 are 1.7% below those registered in March of last year. These results are even below a thousand units of the pre-pandemic figures.

In March of this year, 3,652 new cars were sold, half of what was sold in 2017, since in that year the volume reached 5,888 cars. The year 2017 was the year with the greatest acceleration in sales in Guanajuato, with a boom in the purchase of fleets, he recalled.


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