Francisca Sandoval, from Signal 3 of La Victoria, died last Thursday after being shot in full cover

SANTIAGO DE CHILE.- A group of armed criminals yesterday entered the home of the Chilean Defense Minister, Maya Fernández, and beat her husband and sonon the same night that a member of the presidential escort group from Gabriel Boric was the victim of a robbery, kidnapping and shot in the armaccording to reported the local newspaper The Mercury. The two events put the focus back on the increased insecurity and violence in Chile, one of the main challenges for the president Gabriel Boric, who has just completed two months in government.

The Ministry of Defense published a brief statement indicating that “On the night of Friday, May 13, the minister’s home was the victim of a robbery.”

At the time of the events, the official “She was not in the building, where her son and her husband were”added the press text.

The BioBio radio station indicated that inside the house At least three criminals carrying knives and firearms acted and had the objective of stealing various objects. The assailants beat the minister’s son and handcuffed her husband to mainly steal technological objects and a car.

Last night too a police officerwho is not a direct escort for President Gabriel Boric, but belongs to the presidential escort group, He was the victim of a robbery and was shot in the right arm. reported The Mercury.

“Night hours a police officer was the victim of robbery in San Miguel. He was approached by 3 antisocials who took him to Colina, where he was abandoned, ”said the lieutenant colonel john kingsSantiago Sur Prefecture, quoted by the newspaper. “One of the antisocials shot him in the arm.”

The police officer was transferred to the Carabinero Hospital where he was treated by medical personnel and he was out of danger.

Given the incidents that have occurred and the widespread concern about the increase in the events insecurity and violence in the country, the Undersecretary for Crime Prevention, Eduardo Vergaraposted on his Twitter account that “it is time that all institutions in this country have to redouble efforts to prevent crime and deal with insecurity.”

To achieve security in Chile, the undersecretary considered that it is necessary to follow a strategy “first under a country pact, that is the way, there is no other way”, he stated in an interview with Meganews.

“Is what is done only by the government enough? Is what is done only by Carabineros, the PDI or the preventive role of the municipalities enough? The answer is that it is not enough“said the official..

Francisca Sandoval, from Signal 3 of La Victoria, died last Thursday after being shot in full cover

And he added: “The moment in the country we live in forces us to also have a public-private articulation and I have said it, I have been criticized many times, but It doesn’t seem right to me that when there is a bad job in private security to organize a massive event like a football match, like a concert, hundreds of carabineros have to be arranged that are not created at that moment, but rather come from the territories that they are suffering. So, in order for us to move forward, we need a country pact, a public-private pact, a pact with our municipalities,” he specified.

Added to these incidents of violence is the death of the journalist Francisca Sandoval last Thursday, the journalist Francisca Sandovalwho was shot while covering the incidents at a march of the Labor Day in Santiago.

According to the Plaza Pública de Cadem survey published on May 8, 86% of Chileans believe that crime increased during the last year, 72% fear being a victim of a crime and 88% think that crime is more violent today than a year ago.

“Among the reasons why crime would have increased in 2022 are mentioned: the courts of justice and the prosecution do not work (25%), increased immigration (18%), Carabineros do not have the necessary powers (16%), The Carabineros are no longer respected as before (13%), an increase in drug gangs (12%) and an increase in poverty and the needs of post-pandemic people (8%)”, indicates the study.

ANSA Agency and El Mercurio newspaper (GDA)

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