Candelaria Sturniolo writes about tourism and accessibility.  (instagram: @can_world)

The incident sparked outrage when Candelaria Sturnioloa young disabled woman, denounced that her car was broken into to rob her the spare wheel, and they took the wheelchair. Made to measure and with a value of 140 thousand pesos.

This Friday Candelaria announced that he appearedto chair “safe and sound” and that they returned it. “They called me at noon. The person who took her yesterday stated that heHe saw her thrown away and that’s why he loaded her into his car. For all the movement in the networks he realized that he needed it and called to return it ”, story.

Candelaria Sturniolo writes about tourism and accessibility. (instagram: @can_world)

On Thursday he had complained bitterly: “What the hell do you want a chair for? You sell it to two mangoes and you screw up my life”. And he added: “The sensations I have are very difficult to explain. From anguish, anger, hatred, resignation… all together”.

Candlemas have a motor disability and became a reference in the matter of not setting limits. She traveled the world, touring 20 countries. The chair that had been brought to him is an aluminum Ottobock, with removable wheels.

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