Turkish state-owned banks stopped working with the Russian national payment system "World"
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Turkish state-owned banks stopped working with the Russian national payment system “Mir”

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Mir system cards are blocked in Turkey. This was announced by the largest Turkish state-owned bank Ziraat Bankasi – since Thursday, it has been suspending the service of cards of the Russian payment system Mir after the US Treasury announced possible sanctions for using this payment system abroad.

“We have decided to suspend the service of these cards,” said a bank representative, answering a question from KP.

On Thursday, Mir cards are also not accepted at ATMs of two other Turkish state-owned banks that previously served it – VakifBank and Halkbank. Last week, two private Turkish banks Is Bankasi and Denizbank suspended the acceptance of Mir cards – now all cards of the Mir system are blocked in Turkey. Thus, there is not a single bank left in the country that works with the Russian payment system, and tourists from the Russian Federation who do not have foreign bank cards have to rely only on cash.

During the last week, the further fate of the Mir cards was discussed in Turkey at the highest level. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, saying that Turkey is “working on alternatives”, held a meeting on this occasion with the participation of the heads of the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank and leading Turkish banks. On Monday, the issue of possible options for replacing Mir cards was raised at a meeting of the Turkish Cabinet of Ministers, but no specific decisions were announced following its results.

According to the Sabah newspaper, Turkey’s tourism sector is now working on a solution to the problem. The fact that Mir cards are blocked in Turkey greatly complicates the life of tourists. However, it is planned that Russian travelers purchasing a tour in Russia will also buy a new e-ticket type card with a certain amount on it. In Turkey, they will be able to use this card in restaurants, shops, entertainment venues, which will then be billed by tour operators. The Turkish tourism sector believes that due to the end of the tourist season, this problem is not acute now, and a new settlement system should start working from May.

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