Intel Arc Alchemist graphics cards may be delayed again

Intel has been promising the launch of its dedicated graphics cards for a long time. After a formal announcement in March, the long-awaited Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs for Desktops can suffer a further postponement to August.

According to information obtained by Igor Wallossik, from the Igor’s Lab, there is some consensus within the industry that Intel should delay the launch of the Arc line for desktops. There is a release window waiting for GPUs to arrive between the months of July to the end of August

However, the company could be falling into a dangerous trap, as launching the new plates in early July could be too soon, while late August would be a severe delay.

Driver issues and high prices

The reason for this impasse lies in the optimizing a release driver for Arc Alchemist boards. Intel’s software development team doesn’t seem to be able to get the update production in line with the deadline, hence the possible delay to August.

Hypothetically, releasing video cards without proper support is a huge blow for any company, but the story gets complicated for Intel. Arc will be the brand’s first dedicated GPU for desktops and issues can create an initial bad reputation.

Another impediment is that the launch in early July may not be economically profitable, as the current price of graphics chips has been falling, and any new product always arrives with prices much higher than the market is supporting.

Rumors point out that Intel should officially position itself on the launch of Arc Alchemist boards at Computex, which takes place between May 24th and 27th. The company already launched its first dedicated card for notebooks a few weeks ago, the Arc A350M.

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