Intel demands half a billion euros in damages from the European Commission


The American chipmaker Intel is suing the European Commission in connection with a mega fine that it had wrongly imposed on the company. Intel is demanding €500 million in damages, legal documents show.

Source: BELGA

The Commission fined Intel in 2009 EUR 1.06 billion for allegedly abusing its dominant position to force competitor AMD out of the market in various ways. Intel went to the Court of Justice in Luxembourg to challenge the fine, but in 2014 was initially rejected by the General Court of the European Union – a lower instance of the Court. However, on appeal, the Court ruled three years later that the General Court had not taken into account all of Intel’s arguments and that it had to redo its work.

In January of this year, the General Court finally ruled that the Commission’s analysis was “incomplete” and “unsuitable” for demonstrating restrictions on competition. It ruled that Intel should therefore not pay a fine.

The American chip company had previously paid the fine conditionally. It received the amount back in February and now wants to be reimbursed for the lost interest. The claim was filed at the end of April.

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