Inter CEO confirms: “Romelu Lukaku is very eager to return”


Will Romelu Lukaku (29) play for Inter again next season? For the first time, the Italian club itself has confirmed that the Red Devil would like to return to Milan, although there are still some financial hurdles to overcome.

Guy Van Den Langenbergh, Jonas WithouckSource: The Times

His current employer Chelsea is currently negotiating a rental amount with the Italian top club, from whom it took over Lukaku. The club from London paid around 110 million euros to Inter for Lukaku last year. But after a disappointing season and the necessary tensions with coach Thomas Tuchel, Lukaku is only too happy to return to his Italian love.

Chelsea do not want to talk about a definitive transfer and only want to rent out Lukaku. The London top club would like to receive 20 million pounds on an annual basis, good for around 23 million euros. In addition, both clubs have yet to find an agreement regarding Lukaku’s salary. The Red Devils striker receives around 380,000 euros per week transferred to his bank account. The distribution of who pays what is still subject to negotiations.

At the Frecciarossa Milano Jumping Cup in Milan, Inter CEO Frederico Antonello spoke openly for the first time about Lukaku’s possible return. “Of course he would like to return, but the financial-economic feasibility of the transfer has yet to be examined and some technical problems still have to be solved. We will try to do that as soon as possible.”

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In Italy, they are already counting on the deal being finalized soon:

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