Intern in the trucking family: Pablo and Facundo Moyano, now without dialogue
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Without dialogue, with very noticeable differences, but avoiding a new crossfire at all costs. So is the relationship between Pablo MoyanoCGT triumvirate, and his brother facundoafter the declarations of the ex-deputy of the Frente de Todos questioning the link between Camioneros and La Cámpora.

Facundo, current leader of the union that represents toll workers, was never in tune with the organization he leads maximum kirchner, since it believes that it is a group that only seeks positions in the State, without any kind of roots in the workers. He even doubts that its militants are Peronists and thinks that, due to their sectarian characteristics, they are incapable of embodying a political project.

For this reason, in radio statements, he regretted the relationship between the organization referred to in the vice president with the union that has his father as its greatest exponent. “With the history of struggle that Hugo and Camioneros have, it is a pity that they go after the political and electoral ambitions of La Cámpora, that they want to use them as a shock force”Shooting.

Facundo Moyano: “La Cámpora does not want the adjustment but wants the boxes”

The former legislator is also extremely critical of the role of the official alliance in the economic field based on two indices, that of inflation, on the way to reaching 100%, and that of poverty, especially in adolescents, close to 50%. . And, before his own, he repeats that the levels of objective representation, in numerical terms, are “the worst in the history of trade unionism.” Therefore, he is convinced that it is not useful to charge inks against what can happen with “the right” in power, marking distance with his brother, who crushes every time he can against the “danger” of an electoral victory of Together for the Change next year.

What’s more: today the representative of Truckers shows several coincidences with the son of the head of the Senate, with whom he spoke on several occasions in the last year, and even shared an act, on October 17, for the day of Peronist loyalty in Plaza de Mayo. On that day, the legislator demanded a fixed-sum wage increase for all workers. A request that was totally in tune with the thought of the figure of the workers’ union.

Pablo Moyano: “If the others come back, then we won’t cry”

In this context, Facundo’s statements reached Pablo’s ears quickly. As far as PROFILE could find out, the leader of the CGT only managed to outline a smile and ruled out a response. From the union, they add that the sayings had no impact and that it is not worth feeding the twists and turns in current times.

In any case, the sparks between the two are not new. With family issues involved, the nexus knew how to have better times. Like in November 2021, when the former leader of Independiente landed in the Azopardo building and his first activity as a man from the plant was to receive his brother and Claudio Vidal, an oil unionist. In the face-to-face, the Moyanos agreed that the situation of the workers was no longer prioritized, due to macrismo and the pandemic, and they promised to reverse the panorama.

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