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Interview about voting was done by a comedian, not by Datafolha

Resignation is 'see you soon' and a gesture to help the PSDB and the country, says Doria

IT IS misleading the post by federal deputy Carlos Jordy (PL-RJ) with a video that mocks polls for voting intentions. The recording published by him is an excerpt from a prank by comedian Mizael Silv, which was not identified in the post; the politician captioned it only with “Look at DataPovo outraged by DataFolha kkkk”. Although the video has the caption “Research for college”, many followers think that the recording is a denunciation of how the research institute of Grupo Folha operates in the field.

Investigated Content: Prank excerpt where an interviewer asks a man who he’s going to vote for. He answers “in Bolsonaro” and the comedian says that the interviewee “does not look like someone who votes” for that candidate and will put his opponent, Lula, as an answer.

Where it was published: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Completion of the Test: it’s misleading post with video in which one man asks another who he is going to vote for. Hearing the answer “in Bolsonaro”, the interviewer says: “Okay, but since you look like someone who votes for Lula, I’m going to put you like someone who votes for Lula here”. The recording is part of a prank, which was not reported in the post by federal deputy Carlos Jordy. He just wrote the caption “Look at DataPovo outraged by Datafolha kkkk”. On the recording there is the caption “Research for college”, but several followers believed if deal with on one Datafolha researchera research institute of Grupo Folha.

The full video, as you can see from the watermark of the excerpt used by the deputy, was published on TikTok by comedian Mizael Silv with hashtags indicating that it was “#humor #pranks #comedy”. In fact, four people are supposedly interviewed by him in the prank. Two men claim they will vote for Bolsonaro (PL) and two others claim they will vote for Lula – the content creator plays the same prank on everyone, telling those who will vote for Lula that he will fill out the poll putting Bolsonaro’s name.

misleading, for Comprova, is content taken from the original context and used in another so that its meaning undergoes changes; that uses inaccurate data or that leads to an interpretation different from the author’s intention; content that confuses, with or without the deliberate intent to cause harm.

Scope of publication: Comprova investigates the most far-reaching suspicious content on social networks. The post verified here had 177,000 views on Facebook.

What the author of the publication says: Wanted, Jordy did not respond to the report’s contact.

How we check: The first step was to enlarge the watermark that appears in the lower right corner of the video posted by the deputy. There, it is possible to identify that it is a video published on @mizaelsillv’s profile on TikTok. As soon as you enter this profile, it turns out to be a humor page. Most videos are identified with the hashtags #humor, #pranks and #comedy.

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Comprova contacted Carlos Jordy via a message on Facebook, but received no response. On Instagram, he tried to talk to the comedian, to know more details about the video, but he also did not receive a response.

The video

THE complete recording is 1 minute and 25 seconds. Right at the beginning – which does not appear in the 36-second excerpt posted by the deputy –, the comedian tells the first man interviewed that he is doing research for college. That is, even though it is a prank, there is no mention of Datafolha or any other research institute.

After introducing himself, he says: “This poll will be broadcast on national television, so I came to ask the people in the center, who are you going to vote for? Lula or Bolsonaro?”. The first interviewee who appears answers that he will vote for Bolsonaro. Mizael then says: “I’m going to put you as if you were going to vote for Lula because you don’t look like someone who votes for Bolsonaro, no”. When the second interviewee appears, the comedian says: “I’m going to put you here as Bolsonaro; You look like someone who votes for Bolsonaro.”

The third interviewee also declares his vote for the PT pre-candidate. The fourth, who will vote for Bolsonaro, is what appears in the excerpt from the federal deputy’s post.


Among the comments made by Carlos Jordy’s followers, many believe it to be a true research. One of them quotes: “There is no way, if Bolsonaro is not re-elected in the first round, they rigged the polls”.

In another interaction, the follower mentions: “Today, what worries me the most is that it is clear that they are plotting a scam at the polls! We cannot accept this!”.

At no time does the parliamentarian mention that the content of the video was taken from a humor profile. As of Friday afternoon (10), about 1,500 comments were made on this post.

Why we investigate: Comprova investigates content about the pandemic, elections and public policies that reach a degree of viralization on social networks. With the election period approaching, the number of contents published on social networks grows, trying to discredit opinion polls. Information of this type damages people’s trust in research institutes and can influence the vote in the wrong way. The voter’s decision must be made based on true information.

Other checks on the topic

Research institutes are frequent targets of disinformation pieces. This week, Comprova verified that false audio that attributed to former Datafolha director statements about alleged fraud in election polls and manipulation of votes in electronic voting machines. also already checked Video that deceives by saying that polls were forged in Bolsonaro’s election in 2018 and a website that omitted that a survey with an advantage for Bolsonaro was carried out only in Santa Catarina.

The investigation of this content was carried out by the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo and fur North News Portaland verification by SBT, A Gazeta, Metrópoles, CBN Cuiabá and The State of São Paulo.

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