Iran disassociated itself from the immobilized plane in Ezeiza and considered that it is a political move

From Iran they went to stand out of the plane immobilized at the Ezeiza airport in which they were, among others, five citizens of that country who were withheld the passports. The private company Mahan Air reported that the aircraft it is not theirs and that he spoke of what he considered to be a political maneuver.

The Public Relations Manager of Iran’s Mahan Air Amir Hossein Zolanvari said that the Boeing 747 Dreamliner immobilized in Ezeiza “was sold to a Venezuelan company a year ago to a Venezuelan company.”

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Zolanvari stated that the immobilization of the plane “whose ownership was transferred a year ago is due to political goals”, in statements to the official Iranian agency IRNA.

The Mahan Air Public Relations manager clarified that the people who were on the aircraft, whose passport was withheld, “work for the Venezuelan company” and that is why this issue “has no relation to Mahan Air.”

The case of the immobilized plane at the Ezeiza airport

The immobilized plane is a Boeing 747 Dreamliner of the company emtrasur, It is cargo with a Venezuelan flag and was sanctioned by the United States.

  • The plane landed on Monday June 6 in Córdoba due to the dense fog that was in Buenos Aires. Then he went to the Ezeiza international airport.
  • At the air terminal, personnel from the PSA, Customs, the Immigration Directorate and the Federal Police were waiting for the aircraft, with intelligence information provided by various agencies around the world.
  • In Ezeiza they they withheld the passport to the dozen Venezuelan citizens and the at least five Iranians who were traveling on the aircraft, they confirmed to TN official sources.
  • Among the people who were on the plane there are at least five of Iranian nationality, some of them with alleged ties to the Quds force.
  • The Quds Force is an elite troop of the powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guard of Iran, in charge of carrying out extraterritorial operations.

The complaint made by Together for Change for the immobilized plane in Ezeiza

Deputies of Together for Change denounced the head of Migration Florence Carignano and the national director of the Airport Security Police (PSA) Joseph Glinski, among other officials, for the plane case, in a presentation to which he agreed TN.

The presentation was from the opposition deputies Gerard Milman Y Ricardo Lopez MurphyY, who warned that the defendants allowed the Boeing 747-300M registration YV3531 to enter and circulate in Argentina even though its flight manifest was “irregular”.

The complainants also mentioned that the aircraft flew with the transponder off. This is the device that transmits identification information to the control tower.

Previously from the coalition they made a request for information to the Government, as advanced TN.

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