Iran launches new attacks against Kurdish opponents in Iraq
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Iran shelled Kurdish opposition groups based in the Kurdistan region of neighboring Iraq again on Sunday night, less than a week after similar attacks, these groups and local officials announced.

“The Guardians of the Revolution (the ideological army of Iran) bombed parties again kurds Iranians,” said the Kurdistan anti-terrorism services of Iraqwithout offering a balance.

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The Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (PDKI) and the Iranian Kurdish nationalist group Komala confirmed the bombardments that affected their facilities in this autonomous region in the north of Iraq.

On Monday before dawn, the Iraqi state press agency INA confirmed the Iranian shelling with “missile fire and attacks of Iranian drones” against “Three Iranian Opposition Parties in Kurdistan” from Iraq.

On November 14, the Islamic Republic already fired missiles and attacked opposition group positions with drones. kurds located in Kurdistan Iraqcausing one death and eight injuries.

The authorities in Tehran accuse these opposition groups, which have been in their sights for some time, of instigating problems in Iranfaced with protests since the death on September 16 of the young Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini in the custody of the morality police.

Since the beginning of the demonstrations, Iran accentuated his attacks against opposition groups kurds installed in Iraq since the 1980s and described as “terrorists” by the Islamic Republic.

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