Iran: the death of a child fuels protest, repression becomes militarized
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The death of a child and several teenagers in Iran has fueled the anger of protesters, while repression continues to rage, particularly in the Kurdish regions, where armored vehicles have been deployed and several demonstrators killed.

Images and videos of Kian Pirfalak, a nine-year-old child killed last week, and his mother, continue to flood social networks and spark fear in this country, shaken by an unprecedented protest movement since 1979.

On Wednesday November 16, during demonstrations in Izeh, a city in the south-west of the country, the boy died in a shooting attributed to militias affiliated with the regime.

“The family car carrying Kian, his parents and his 3-year-old brother was targeted by armed men dressed in civilian clothes, reports Iran Internationalan opposition media outlet based in London. Kian’s father was also seriously injured in the shooting and remains hospitalized.

A mother retracts under the pressure

At least one teenager, Artin Rahmani, was also shot dead on the same day, the site adds.

Authorities and state media reported a “terrorist attack”, indicating that two gunmen on a motorcycle shot dead seven people. But Kian’s mother called it a “lying” the official version, accusing the power of having killed his son, reports Iran International.

“How is Mr. Seyyed A

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