Iran: the powerful intelligence chief of the Revolutionary Guards replaced

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Iran has sacked Hossein Taeb, head of the intelligence services of the Revolutionary Guard Corps, Iranian state television reported on Thursday without giving further explanation. The latter was appointed advisor to the Commander of the Guardians, and replaced by General Mohammad Kazemi.

The Revolutionary Guards, the ideological army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, announced Thursday, June 23, to have replaced their head of intelligence services Hossein Taeb, in office for twelve years.

“Chief of the Guardians, General Hossein Salami has appointed General Mohammad Kazemi to head the intelligence services,” their spokesman said in a statement. Hossein Taeb was appointed advisor to General Salami, commander of the Guardians.

Before taking over as head of intelligence for the Revolutionary Guards in 2009, Hossein Taeb worked under Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, the highest authority in Iran’s institutional system.

Several members killed

General Salami appointed Hossein Taeb, who is a cleric, as his own adviser, according to the statement.

The replacement of the intelligence chief of the Guardians, a body designated as a terrorist group by the United States, comes as a number of members of the ideological branch of the Iranian army have been killed in recent weeks.

Ali Kamani, a member of the Guardians’ aerospace division, died on June 13 while on a mission in Khomein, central Markazi province, the Guardians said in a statement without giving details.

Earlier in June, Colonel Ali Esmailzadeh, commander of the Guardians’ external operations unit, the Quds Force, died “in an accident at his home”, according to the official Irna news agency.

Iran and Israel have been waging a shadow war for years, but tensions have risen following a series of high-profile incidents that Tehran has blamed on Israel.

On May 22, Guards Colonel Sayyad Khodai, 50, was killed outside his home in the east of the Iranian capital by motorcycle attackers who shot him five times.

Iranian state television said Khodai was a member of the Quds Force and that he was “known” in Syria, where Iran has deployed “military advisers”.

The Guardians described Khodai as a “sanctuary defender”, a term used for those who work on behalf of Tehran in Syria or Iraq.

The Guardians accused “Zionists” of being behind the assassination and vowed revenge.

At the same time, local Turkish media reported on Thursday that eight people who allegedly worked for an Iranian intelligence cell planning to kill Israeli tourists in Istanbul have been arrested.

Last week, Israel urged its citizens to leave Turkey immediately due to threats from Iranian agents.

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