Iranian plane: the crew extended the reservation at the hotel, awaiting the judge's decision

The crew of the immobilized plane at the Ezeiza airport they extended the reservation at the Plaza Central Canning Hotel where the Iranian and Venezuelan citizens who were on the aircraft are staying.

They are waiting for the decision of the Justice, which analyzes whether to charge the pilot Gholamreza Ghasemi, as Adrián Ventura anticipated TN, after the report sent by the FBI that links the Iranian citizen with companies accused of international terrorism.

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The owner of the hotel where the crew members stay, Cesar Giuggioni, explained that “the crew of the plane held extended from today the stay at the hotel” and that they expect to be told “how long the stay will last”.

Giuggioni said that together with the staff they are “isolated” from the information and that he is not concerned about “what is said about espionage or terrorism” about the seized plane and its crew, in statements to CNNRadio.

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