Irapuato: They invite you to celebrate Father's Day in local restaurants

Irapuato.- This Father’s Day, restaurants will offer dynamics to celebrate dads, so the President of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (Canirac), Sergio Santosinvited citizens to celebrate this special day in local establishments.

He stressed that for this special date, to be held next Sunday, June 19, a rebound of 15% is expected over the usual sales that are recorded on a normal Sunday.

Sergio Santos said that each company has its own dynamics, from giving away grills through commercial dynamics, others will give away drinks such as beer, among other promotions.

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“I think it will lend itself very well to family reunions and that we can entertain parents in business, each one has its own dynamics, but of course we are all integrated to achieve a celebration, that it be a very special weekend. positive for the economy of the people of Irapua”, he said.

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The President of Canirac in Irapuato indicated that citizens have already shown interest in making reservations at different restaurants, although compared to other celebrations, this date may represent less interest.

“A large part of the people are going to hold meetings at home, we believe that the increase (in sales) could be relatively significant, compared to a Sunday where the clientele is in the habit of going out to eat in a restaurant,” he concluded.

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