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Is it only you? A participant of La Voz Argentina surprised with her resemblance to Pastorutti

Emilia Crocitta, the young woman similar to Soledad Pastorutti.

Successful duos continue to appear on La Voz Argentina, this time it was the turn of Valentina (24) and Emilia (20) Croccitathe sisters from Lanús who broke it this Wednesday on the show’s stage and went on to the second round. They took all the praise from the juries and Soledad Pastorutti confessed to one of them: “You remind me of me.”

The duo delighted the jury with “This is the heat”, by Los Abuelos de la Nada. In the first instance, the Folklore singer pressed the button and seconds before the song ends, Ricardo Montaner surprisingly, he turned around.

Prior to the blind audition, Emilia said that the duo began when she began to play the guitar and sing, “Valen realized that he could harmonize me while I sang. That’s where our bond with music began. The bond between the sisters was noted from the beginning, in turn Valentina affirms with an exciting tone: “We complement each other a lot, we are so different that we end up being one”.

When they finished presenting their audition, the girls couldn’t believe that two of the four jurors had turned around. Jumps, hugs and emotion was what was seen on Wednesday night.“Even in the voice you can tell that they are sisters”, La Sole expressed after they introduced themselves. Montaner did not hesitate to participate and added: “they failed a lot”, but that there was something that caught his attention, and what he liked was that he realized right away that they were young voices.

As we mentioned earlier, Pastorutti saw his resemblance in Emilia, to which he argued: “You remind me of my beginnings, you are like a Sole. In fact you speak the same, and with your hair like that, too”. Finally, the sisters chose and became part of Team Montaner.

Emilia Crocitta, the young woman similar to Soledad Pastorutti. (Phone/)

“They are divine girls, they have a lot of vibes”Lali said. On her part, Valentina confessed: “Before thinking about who we are leaving with, we wanted to tell you, Lali, we have always been your fans, from Rincón de Luz, from Coco and Malena, do you understand what I want to tell you? We can’t believe we’re standing here. That you are there is something that I cannot understand.”

The singer and actress said: “Come, I want to hug you”the participants were speechless, and they could not believe it. “No, I’m dying Emilia, I think I’m crying, I’m going to cry, I’m falling”, He said Valentina while heading to the jury sector.

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