Is Russia running out of ammunition?
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“At the rate at which Russia uses equipment, ammunition and armaments, one can ask the question of how effectively and how long it will be able to continue its war against Ukraine”, announce the wall street journal. “They are short of everything”, assures Eliot Cohen, of the think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies, interviewed by the American daily. The Russian army lacks men and also ammunition.

Western and Ukrainian military experts and analysts are indeed reporting elements suggesting that Russian stocks, in particular those of missiles, are dwindling. Of course, note the Wall Street Journal, Moscow continues to bomb Ukraine, including its energy infrastructure, “but the frequency of deployment of these missiles has dropped significantly”. Only 15 Kalibr cruise missiles were fired during the whole month of October, against an average of 20 each day at the start of the invasion, reports Yuriy Ihnat, spokesman for the Ukrainian air force, quoted by the newspaper.

Proof that Russian stocks are melting, Moscow, one of the largest arms producers in the world, is turning

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