Is the war in Ukraine turning in favor of Russia?

After almost four months of war, is the Russian army gaining a decisive advantage? This fear is increasingly strong among Westerners, while the Russians lead a brutal offensive, with very heavy bombardments, in the east of the country.

In Luhansk province, in particular, the fighting is fierce, “causing heavy casualties and reducing the ammunition stock of the Ukrainian forces”, note The Washington Post. A senior Pentagon official, quoted by the newspaper, considers it likely that Russia “seizes the entire province within a few weeks”. “The cities of Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk in Luhansk Oblast are increasingly under pressure and could fall within a week,” estimated this same source on June 12.

“The high rate of Ukrainian losses could lead to a tipping point in the war”, title on his side The Guardian. “The numbers are startling. By any count, Ukrainians are registering 600 to 1,000 casualties a day,” including 100 to 200 dead, underlines the British daily.

“This number alone – more than 20,000 casualties per month – begs the question as to the state of the Ukrainian military if the war lasts until the fall.” The Ukrainian forces, whose numbers have doubled since the beginning of the conflict, would number 500,000 soldiers in total.

Ukrainian frustration

“Of course, this is also true for the Russians, note it Guardian. But invade them

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