Israel's ruling coalition announces dissolution of parliament and early elections

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and the head of diplomacy Yair Lapid, two leaders of the ruling coalition in Israel, indicated this Monday that they will present a bill to dissolve Parliament and provoke early elections.

“After all attempts to stabilize the coalition had been exhausted, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and (…) Yair Lapid, decided to vote on the law [de dissolução do Parlamento] in the Knesset next week”, they underlined in a statement.

With the aim of ending 12 consecutive years in power of then Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Bennett and Lapid formed in June 2021 a unique coalition in the history of Israel that brings together parties of the right, center, left, and for the first time. time, an Arab formation.

However, the Bennett-Lapid coalition agreement also provides for a rotation between the two men at the head of the Government and the replacement of Bennett with Lapid in the event of the dissolution of Parliament.

In the event of approval by the deputies of the bill to dissolve the Parliament, Yair Lapid becomes the new Prime Minister of Israel until the formation of the new Government.

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