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On Monday, the Hungarian government announced that it would buy the radar system of the Israeli Iron Dome. Minister of National Defense Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky justified the move by saying that “we Hungarians do not need war, but an army that can guarantee peace and deterrence.” One of the stages of this was the acquisition of the radar system.

The Minister of National Defense also shared the details on his Facebook page. In his video post, he states that “in fact, this Israeli defense system is one of the elements of the so-called layered air defense system, not the largest part of it, but the smallest part.” After that, he draws attention to the fact that Israel’s security situation, as well as the possible threats that threaten Israel, are different from Hungary’s.

The Minister of National Defense explained that the Ministry of National Defense analyzed the “possibilities that could threaten Hungary’s airspace in peace or in the event of the current war”.

We built a plan for this, which is similar in logic to the Iron Dome

– said the Minister of National Defense, who also pointed out that there are physical similarities between the Hungarian and Israeli systems, “we are buying one of the most modern radar systems in the world”, said Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky.

FROM NEXT YEAR, THE IRON DOME WILL CONTINUOUSLY ARRIVE IN THE COUNTRY, and it will be supplemented by a missile system that is similar in logic to the Israeli one.

According to the minister, after that, connected to the radars, it simultaneously ensures the protection of the country, which it is. The missile system will be non-Israeli and “they are called NASAMS and they are Norwegian-American made with AMRAAM missiles”.

It really is one of the most modern

Following the government’s announcement, Index interviewed Israeli security policy expert Robert C. Castel regarding the Iron Dome. In it, he stated that “in terms of price-value ratio, this is the best on the market right now”. He also explained that the Iron Dome consists of three components: one is the eye, which is the radar itself (the Hungarian government has now bought it – ed.), there is a control center, as well as part of a missile launcher – this is how the eye is assembled, the brain and the fist. Unlike most traditional air defense devices, in the case of the Iron Dome, this can be handled separately in the field, they do not have to be next to each other, as they are connected by a wireless system.

The radar can do two main tasks: see what is being fired at the area and what exactly it is – radar, drone, ballistic missile or whatever.

After that, it calculates where it will hit. So it detects what is approaching and from where, as well as where and how it will impact. It is also suitable for conducting our own artillery fire. The system is made up of many small radars into a whole, you have to imagine it like a bug’s eye, which eventually comes together into a compact system. It does its work on several frequencies, so it is difficult to detect and thus disturb it.

(Cover photo: Israeli missile launch from the Iron Dome missile system in response to a rocket launch from the Gaza Strip on March 12, 2012. Photo: Uriel Sinai / Getty Images)