It has been revealed what will be the fate of embryos stored in closing infertility clinics

“The news has recently appeared that the government has rejected the offer to acquire the two remaining surviving infertility clinics, so that the operating licenses of both the Reprosys Fertility Center and Versys Clinics will expire,” Zoltán Vajda summed up. written question at the end of May.

The Socialist representative about it inquired János Csák, Minister of Culture and Innovation, that

  • Why is the government giving up embryos?
  • Why are the parents punished by the government in the fight against private centers?
  • What about frozen embryos currently stored at private providers?
  • Who will store them, where and how?

Finally, Bence Rétvári, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior, answered the questions answered. It turned out that the operating licenses of the two private clinics to perform reproduction procedures would expire on June 30, 2022.

Bence Rétvári also wrote that “gametes and embryos stored at the two private clinics for the purpose of ongoing or subsequent reproductive procedures must be transferred to the designated receiving service provider in such a way that both the transferring service provider and the receiving service provider fetal development through the continuous and full enforcement of professional storage rules ’.

Germ cells and embryos stored in the two discontinuing institutions must be handed over to the North-Central Buda Center, New St. John’s Hospital and Clinic.

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