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The Áhmad bin Ali Stadium is located in the city of Al Rayyan, on the border with the Qatari desert and has a capacity for 40,000 people seated. The building was built on the grounds of an old one. There is also a new shopping center on the premises.

After the tournament, the capacity of the stadium will be reduced by half to adapt it to the needs of the citizens. The last stand will be removed after the World Cup and the seats will be reused at sports venues in Qatar and abroad. Many of the materials from the Stadium were used for the new complex, several of them for public art installations.

More than 90% of construction materials are reused or recycled. The trees surrounding the old enclosure have been preserved for future replanting, in order to minimize damage to the natural environment. Energy and water efficiency measures have been incorporated to further reduce the stadium’s carbon footprint, while the connection to the Doha Metro will allow seamless travel to it.

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(Photo: Videolab)

How to get to Ahmad bin Ali Stadium?

The fans will be able to use the Doha metro. From Al Riffa station, on the green line, it can be reached on foot.

Fun fact about Ahmad bin Ali Stadium

  • 90% of the materials used in the construction of the stadium were recycled from the previous site, which was destroyed to establish another one that meets FIFA requirements.
  • It was built on top of another stadiuminaugurated in 2003 and demolished in 2015. The previous stadium had a capacity for 21,282 people, while the new one has a capacity for almost 50 thousand

What matches are played at the Áhmad bin Ali Stadium?

  • November 21 Group B: United States-Wales (16:00, Argentine time)
  • November 23 Group F: Belgium-Canada (16:00, Argentine time)
  • November 25 Group B: Wales-RI of Iran (07:00, Argentine time)
  • November 27 Group B: Japan-Costa Rica (07:00, Argentine time)
  • November 29 Group B: Wales-England (16:00, Argentine time)
  • December 1 Group F: Croatia-Belgium (12:00, Argentine time)
  • December 3 round of 16: 1C-2D (12:00, Argentine time)
(Photo: Videolab)
(Photo: Videolab)

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