It turned out how many pardon applications were approved by János Áder at the end of his term as head of state

In the last months of his term, President János Áder approved 3.4 per cent of the pardon applications received before him, and the proportion of pardons awarded by the presidents of the Republic has shown a higher rate only once in the last twenty years.

János Áder has decided on twenty-five special pardon applications that have not yet been published in official statistics, but he has rejected all of them. after a request for data of public interest from the Office of the President of the Republic (KEH).

In addition to the rejection of twenty-five, procedural pardon applications, János Áder approved several other applications in 2022, out of the 173 submissions, the six approved applications represent 3.47 percent. In the last twenty years, the approval rate has been higher only once, in 2016 János Áder approved 4.44 percent of the applications submitted to him.

János Áder also had a negative record of the last twenty years, in 2014 he was pardoned in 0.53 percent of cases.

The data also revealed that Katalin Novák, who took office on 10 May, had not yet received a pardon request by 30 May.

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