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In its statement on Tuesday, the agency recalled that, based on the schedule defined in the European Union’s gas storage regulation, Hungary had to compulsorily store 35 percent of its five-year average consumption, which is 3.65 billion cubic meters, by November 1. According to the MEKH, thanks to the larger volume of storage that ensures maximum security of supply, Hungary will have 1.79 billion cubic meters by November 15, i.e. almost

It exceeded the amount stipulated in the decree by 50 percent.

The amount stored until November 15 is 880 million cubic meters, 19 percent more than a year ago.

The annual consumption-related capacity was 54.48 percent on November 15, which is 26.2 percent more than the average capacity of European natural gas storage facilities. The stored 5.44 billion cubic meters of natural gas exceeds the annual residential consumption, the office announced.