It turned out where Adele’s concerts could be held, which caused a scandal

As about we reported Adele’s Las Vegas concert series at Caesar’s Palace would have started in late January, but eventually the entire tour resigned . Although the singer initially claimed that several of her team had been caught in the coronavirus, it eventually turned out that they could not have organized the performances as previously imagined. According to rumors, they could not agree with the management of Ceasar’s Palace on some issues either.

There have already been rumors that concerts could be held elsewhere instead of Ceasar’s Palace, although this has not yet been confirmed. THE TMZ however, according to the latest information, they could soon finalize an agreement to move the tour to a new location. As Adele said earlier, I would definitely like to have this year, as she has other plans for next year, including a child.

The newspaper’s informant said the singer is in serious negotiations and is expected to performances will take place at the Zappos Theater. The Colosseum in Ceasar’s Palace can accommodate 4,100 people, by contrast at the Zappos Theater already has 7,000 guests, so ticket sales are likely to resume. Nothing is certain yet about the date of the concert series, but the goal is for the tour to begin at the end of the summer.

(Cover image: Adele. Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images)

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