It is by way of budget suffocation

RESULTS that yes “there is shot” for 2024, but it is not between Morena and the opposition alliance, but it is… between the morenistas!

AND IT IS THAT Ricardo Monreal was quite hurt by having been excluded from Sunday’s pre-campaign event in Toluca, in which Claudia Sheinbaum, Marcelo Ebrard and Adán Augusto López were openly honored… as if they were the only candidates.

EVERY TIME it is more evident that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is determined to put Monreal aside and does not want to include him in his deck of possible successors. However, the man from Zacatecas has already said that he will not get off and he will not let them get him off. He even slipped the possibility that the three checkmarks were committing an electoral crime, by carrying out anticipated campaign acts.

WHILE the senator continues to make an effort not to completely break with the President and with the leadership of his party, Monreal yesterday raised a step in the tone of the confrontation, in response to the ugly snub he was subjected to. And there is still a long year to go before Morena defines his presidential candidacy and almost two for the elections.

BY THE WAY that Adán Augusto López said at Sunday’s rally that “the Lord’s times are perfect,” referring to the presidential succession. It remains to be seen if he was referring to the Lord who is in heaven… or to the gentleman who will leave the National Palace.

WHERE the waters are also moving is in the PRI, since an important group of former leaders finally raised their voices in the face of the disaster that Alejandro Moreno has been dragging.

ALTHOUGH they have not formally requested the departure of the president of the CEN, everything indicates that, ahem, ahem, they are going to facilitate it as much as possible. Among those who are said to be calling for major surgery on the party would be César Camacho, Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, Beatriz Paredes, Francisco Labastida, Humberto Roque Villanueva and even Manlio Fabio Beltrones, to name a few.

THE SERIOUS defeat suffered by the PRI in the elections of June 5 is the straw that broke the camel’s back for tricolor patience. So no one is surprised if “Alito” grows wings and sends him flying.

HOW SERIOUS that the National Human Rights Commission ignores those it is supposed to defend! More than two weeks ago, several civil groups asked Rosario Piedra to file a judicial appeal to prevent the closure of the psychiatric hospitals ordered by the 4T.

THERE ARE only three days left before this dismantling takes place, despite which the president of the CNDH is still unaware of the conflict. Seeing how things are in Mexican politics, mental health should be a priority. Or is it crazy to think so?

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