Hungarian entrepreneurs can receive HUF 90 billion in EU money

A representative study by ManpowerGroup found that the current job market has completely changed and the focus has shifted from employers to employees. 1384 people were interviewed in the survey. The changed circumstances have been further strengthened by digitalisation.

Due to rising inflation, regular wage developments are becoming increasingly important.

Almost half of the employees are not optimistic about their current employer.

The highest proportion of automotive workers received a pay rise of 69.41 percent, taking home an average of 10.9 percent more in a month.

The largest average wage increase was in the food and agriculture sectors, which receive 15.7 per cent more. The worst performers were construction workers, with just one-third receiving a wage increase of 32.79 per cent and the smallest increase of 9.45 per cent. 62 percent of those in subordinate status and 61 percent of middle and senior executives reported wage growth – from a ManpowerGroup survey.

Wage increases are not everything

According to Tamás Fehér, Managing Director of ManpowerGroup Hungary, the results of the survey shed some light on satisfaction. Although job satisfaction is higher among those who received a raise than among those who did not.

“The results show that a higher-than-expected pay rise is not clearly associated with greater satisfaction. This also shows that the needs of employees have changed, and in addition to competitive pay, factors such as flexibility, training and well-being have become more valuable, ”explained Tamás Fehér.

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