David Pereyra met the entire Sevilla squad

David Pereira He is a Cordovan who three months ago emigrated to Europe and a few days ago he was lucky enough to meet several members of the Argentine National Team, I find that he shared on his networks and went viral. In dialogue with Via Cordobathe young man, 27 years old, recounted the intimate details of that incredible moment on a beach in Portugal.

“I was just on my day off and I went to the beach. I saw through the networks that “el Papu” (Gómez) and Lucas (Ocampos) were on another beach a short distance away and I went like crazy to look for them”, began the man from Río Cuarto. “I arrived alone and as soon as I entered the beach I saw them sitting drinking mate. I was very nervous, but I approached asking for forgiveness for the inconvenience and if I could take a picture”, he added.

Then, The soccer players told him to stay “calm” and to feel with them “if he wanted to have some mates”. “I took out my cell phone to record the moment because no one was going to believe me. after the video, I stayed with them chatting and after half an hour other Argentine friends arrived and joined the conversation”, pointed out the boy.

In this sense, it revealed that “Time began to run as if I were in a meeting with friends, we chatted about everything, they asked us about our jobs, family, among other things”. “At one point, when about three hours had already passed, Ocampos said to go have some beers and eat somethingSo we went to the beach bar. Once there, other players from the squad began to arrive. the moment was epic”, he narrated.

The footballers invited him to “have a beer”. (Courtesy David Pereyra/)

The contact continued through social networks

As for what happened in the following days, David Pereira commented that he had again contact with Lucas Ocampos through Instagram. “After I uploaded the images to the networks, he called me to give me a t-shirt that all the Argentines on the campus signed it for me of Seville”, he maintained. “If I talk to him on Instagram, he sees it yes or yes because he already accepted my messages”he finished between laughs.

David Pereyra met the entire Sevilla squad

Lucas Ocampos was cool and gave him a shirt autographed by all the Argentines on campus. (Courtesy David Pereyra/)

David Pereyra met the entire Sevilla squad

David was photographed with all the Argentines on the Sevilla squad. (Courtesy David Pereyra/)

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