Italy confiscates the Scheherazade, the luxurious superyacht that would be Putin's valued at 690 million dollars

Italy has confiscated the Scheherazade yacht that was in a shipyard in Marina di Carrara (center) and that, according to the investigation team of the imprisoned Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, belongs to the Russian president, Vladimir PutinGovernment sources reported last night.

The I already was already the subject of an investigation by the Italian Police and last night the decree of the Italian Ministry of Economy was communicated ordering its confiscation within the framework of the sanctions on Russian oligarchs by the European Union due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, although the owner was not disclosed.

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According to journalists from Navalny’s team, The boat, over 140 meters long and flying the Cayman Islands flag, belongs to Putin Although formally it is in the name of the oligarch Eduard Khudaynatovformer president of Rosneft and also owner of the Villa Altachiara mansion, in Portofino (northwest), but who does not appear on the list of sanctioned Russian billionaires.

The Scheherazade It had been in the shipyard since last September for a series of maintenance works at a cost of some 690 million dollars, and it was initially expected to be ready to sail in mid-June, the Italian media explained.

Navalny’s collaborators stressed that all the yacht’s crew, except the captain, have Russian citizenship.

The boat, which has a swimming pool, a gym and two heliports and even a hangar, is considered the only one in the world over 140 meters long whose owner is unknown.

Since the sanctions were passed, Italy has seized three more yachts from Russian oligarchs, as well as numerous real estate assets worth hundreds of millions of euros.

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