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Gloomy weather is expected on Friday evening, and significant amounts of rain can be expected in several places. In the North Central Mountains and in the northeast, sleet and snow will replace the rain. The northerly wind in Transdanubia and the northeast is brisk in many places, and may be accompanied by strong gusts in some places, Időkép reported. It has also been reported that

on Friday evening, the first snow already fell on Bánkút, located at an altitude of 850 meters in Bükk. A mixture of freezing rain and snow fell on the site in the early evening.

According to the forecast of the National Meteorological Service, it is a dangerous weather phenomenon that does not meet the expected criteria, but at the same time it is noted that from the early evening hours in the north-east, mainly in the area of ​​the Northern Central Mountains and Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County, the rain may turn into sleet with the influx of cold, frosty air, and then to snowfall, from which at most a thin layer of snow can form until the late evening hours.

In the mountainous areas, especially the Zemplén Mountains, the Aggteleki Karst, and with a smaller chance in the parts of the Bükk above 300-400 meters, a layer of snow of several centimeters cannot be ruled out.

A contrast of 10 degrees is expected on Saturday

The Mediterranean cyclone that caused the precipitation will leave our region at dawn on Saturday, but in the North Central Mountains region, snow flurries and light snowfall may still occur on Saturday morning. From the south, the clouds will temporarily break up in several places, and the sun will shine for an hour or two.

There will be a big temperature contrast, in the far north, in the northeast, it may freeze slightly throughout the day, but in the southwest, thermometers may show 9-10 degrees in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, the clouds thicken again from the south, another Mediterranean cyclone brings precipitation. In places in the west, rain and sleet may also occur in the afternoon, and then from the early evening the rain will spread in more and more directions in the south. The precipitation zone will expand to the north on Saturday night, in addition to rain, sleet may also appear, especially in the Transdanubian Central Mountains, and light sleet in the north cannot be ruled out. More significant precipitation is expected in the south, elsewhere only a few millimeters may fall, it says Time picture.

(Cover image: Snow covered landscape in Bánkút on October 14, 2021. Photo: János Vajda / MTI)