It's here!  Puebla announces Gastón Silva as reinforcement

Puebla.- With a recipe for a Uruguayan choripan (or something similar), Jordi Cortizo made the presentation of Gaston Silva as a new player of ‘La Franja’ of Puebla.

As Super Deportivo advanced, Gaston Silva He is a new Puebla player and on his arrival, he tasted the Uruguayan choripán, plus the mate prepared by Jordi Cortizo.

Hello, I’m Gastón Silva and I’m the new reinforcement of ‘La Franja’”, declared the soccer player in the presentation video.

Gaston Silva joins Luis Garcia and Ivan Morenobecoming the third reinforcement of ‘La Franja’ for the 2022 Opening of Mx League.

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In the next Liga MX tournament, Puebla will debut against Mazatlan at the ‘Kraken’ next Friday, July 1 at 9:05 at night.

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