On June 30th for the last time: SWR presenter Wolfgang Heim (67).

After almost four decades, it’s over: “SWR1 People” presenter Wolfgang Heim is retiring.

Stuttgart – His insightful conversations with people from politics, sport and society made him well-known: After almost four decades as a moderator of the program “SWR1 People”, Wolfgang Heim (67) is retiring.

On June 30th for the last time: SWR presenter Wolfgang Heim (67). © Alexander Kluge/SWR

Heim’s last moderation of the talk show will be on Thursday next week (June 30), a spokeswoman for Südwestrundfunk announced on Wednesday in Stuttgart.

The 67-year-old will speak to the two former SWR colleagues Thomas Roth (70) and Rüdiger Becker and look back on his beginnings and the first edition of the talk show from April 4, 1985.

The peace activist Klaus Vack († 84) was a guest at the time.

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Heim was born in Offenburg and studied German and politics in Stuttgart. Since 1980 he has worked as an editor and moderator for the broadcaster then known as Süddeutscher Rundfunk.

The moderator looks calmly at the time in retirement: “I will not suffer from the loss of meaning,” said Heim of the Heilbronner voice.

Despite the countless conversations over the decades of the show, he had some special memories. When meeting with the former Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt († 96), who was already the publisher of Zeit, in whose office he felt like he had been catapulted into the 1970s, Heim told the newspaper.

At the same time, he remembers the meeting as one of the most unfriendly encounters. “It took him almost four minutes just to correct my first question, until the next song.”

On the other hand, the conversation with the Green politician Robert Habeck (52) in the summer of 2021: “He has a lot of substance, speaks without phrases and would have been the better candidate for chancellor for me,” said Heim.

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