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In the middle of a tour of Spain the singer dominican Techy Fatule premiered his new music video for the song “A mí me vale”, which has already had repercussions among the youngest as it is starred by girls that make this declaration of self-love of the artist their own.

Techy, who throughout his career as singer has maintained a discourse that constantly inspires women to recognize their value in all the roles they play, encourages through the lyrics of “A mí me vale” not to limit themselves and to be everything they want to be and deserve. The girls in charge of the band and pretend to be her and her instrumentalists.

“I decided to make the video with girls between four and eight years old because for me they are the change. I mean, when I grew up I used to watch movies where for the princess to be saved, she only needed the prince and where the antagonist was another woman. These girls of today are born with movies where self-love and family love are what give you strength; This generation also has parents who are emotionally present, integrated, and who share roles with their partners, the mothers,” Techy expanded on the concept of audiovisuals in a press release.

The cover of the single “A mí me vale”. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

She adds that “for this reason, they will not be surprised to see women in politics, or in roles that they occupy for the first time. They are born knowing that this is the norm.”

Techy is currently on a tour of Spain in which the media have highlighted the singer Dominican as a rising star of the music pop, leaving a positive mark in its passage through the European country.

In mid-May, Techy will continue as the guest of Noel Schajris on his “Mi presente” tour of Tenerife, Barcelona and Madrid, where he will perform in a special appearance alongside the outstanding artist.

“A mí me vale” is available on all digital platforms to listen musicand the video can be viewed on the official Techy channel on YouTube.

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