Diego Sinhue spent a little over two hours in his message on the IV Government Report, half of that time was dedicated to talking about the economy, and, in particular, about success stories of his stellar project: the Valle de la mind fabrication


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In security, he resumed what he presumes in controversial spots: that it is the state that reduced homicides the most, 21%, a thousand less. The official figures say so, but it must be remembered that it is compared to a 2020 that was the most violent in history.


He highlighted a safer state to which he received. Official data reports 766 homicides in the first quarter of 2021 compared to 741 in that period of 2018. There are improvements, but the average number of victims is still higher than the year he took office.


Diego reiterated that it has the best health system in the country, but, unlike other reports, he avoided any confrontation with the Federation. The big topic that not a drop was talked about was water. Plan ‘b’ for León and the Corridor still awaits.


What a poisoned dart they have launched against the head of Profeco, Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, who, with a stroke of the pen and without taking it into account, has removed three key officials for alleged allegations of irregularities.


While Ricardo appeared smiling in the morning lecture with President López Obrador and the leaders of the private sector to announce a price pact for products from the basic basket, the coup that Secretary Adán Augusto would later report in a statement was already cooking. short but powerful.


The bulletin does not specify the reasons for the complaints of alleged irregularities before Segob, Civil Service and the FGR, which Sheffield said he was unaware of, but due to the magnitude of the political blow that was the sudden dismissal of three key officials and the appointment of replacements without consult it, they should not be any type of complaints.


The former candidate for Governor for Morena in 2018 is very angry and launched two tweets that he later had to delete to clarify, yes, he stood firm in the challenge to Adán Augusto by saying that he has not signed the appointments and does not see support for them. Such a decision cannot be imagined without the support of AMLO for his countryman.


Just last Sunday, March 27, Sheffield Padilla summoned the Morenoites in Silao to close ranks to promote the revocation of the President’s mandate. He was accompanied at the event by the Secretaries of the Interior and Federal Security.


And for the wedge to tighten, it has to be of the same suit, they say, and that was what they did to Ricardo by appointing Miguel Ángel Chico as Deputy Legal Attorney, the former PRI member who is related to the political group of state leader Ernesto Prieto, who is more Of course, they do not want Sheffield as a candidate again in 2024.


Another curious fact is that Chico Herrera takes his place away from his cousin, Francisco Javier Chico Goerne Cobián, who was one of the PAN members who followed Sheffield in 2018. It is not a minor issue because that area must respond to the aforementioned complaints.


The permanence of the holders of the Profeco Offices in the country is also in the spotlight. In León we will see what happens with Vanessa Montes de Oca. But there is more, Verónica Velázquez, former director of Social Development in a section of the government of Héctor López Santillana, jumped to Morena and has an assignment today in Chiapas.


The expansionist of San Miguel de Allende, Osvaldo García, is the Boss in Querétaro; former PRI member Aarón Lira is in Michoacán; Beto Loya from the capital in Quintana Roo; among other Ricardo Sheffield operators who today ‘put their beards to soak’.


Libia García Muñoz Ledo returned to what was her home for two legislatures, to the State Congress, this time as Secretary of Government to comply with the protocol for the delivery of the document of the IV Government Report of Guanajuato.


After the formal act, it was striking that several deputies approached him to ask him to take a photograph, complete with the IV Report. It is not remembered that in another similar event the Secretary in turn has been so requested.


Among those who went for their photo of the memory are the panistas Briseida Magdaleno, Melanie Murillo, Margarita Rionda, Armando Rangel, Susana Bermúdez and the coordinator Luis Ernesto Ayala. Also from the opposition Dessire Ángel Rocha (Citizen Movement) and Ernesto Millán (Morena). She delightedly smiled at everyone.


On Tuesday, the University of Guanajuato filed an appeal for the release of the first element of the National Guard detained and accused by the Attorney General of the Republic for attempted murder in the attack that killed the Agronomy student, Ánge Yael, on Wednesday. April 27 in El Copal, Irapuato.


The Unitary Court of the Sixteenth Circuit of the Federal Judicial Power received on Tuesday, May 3 at 6:52 p.m. the appeal against the order not to be linked to the process that allowed the release of the agent last Saturday.

For the defense of the INE

The National Civic Front (FCN) convened yesterday a forum entitled “In defense of the National Electoral Institute, the Constitution and Democracy”, in which three former IFE presidents participated: José Woldenberg, Leonardo Valdés and Luis Carlos Ugalde.

The forum was attended by some Guanajuatenses (see photograph) such as the PAN federal deputy, Juan Carlos Romero Hicks; former Governor Carlos Medina Plascencia; and the member of the FCN Promotion Committee, Juan Francisco Torres Landa.

This Front, among other purposes, promotes the nomination of a single opposition candidate for the Presidency of the Republic that emerges from open primary elections.

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