Iván Duque announces the end of the health emergency in Colombia due to COVID-19 |  VIDEO

President Ivan Duke announced that this June 30 the health emergency will end due to COVID-19 in Colombia. The president pointed out that the country will continue to work normally and vaccination will be promoted in the regions.

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Through a live broadcast on Facebook, Duque pointed out that the authorities continue with the vaccination campaign to “protect lives and work with local governments in the country.”

Also, the Minister of Health Ferdinand Ruiz pointed out that since “Two weeks ago we worked on this complex decision.”

As he commented, the National Institute of Health made different mathematical models of what the progression has been and the possible scenarios that come in the future with the coronavirus.

These conditions made the authorities reconsider the health emergency. “At this time, the different measures were no longer necessary in the emergency field given the progression of the pandemic and the epidemiological models analyzed.”, he added.

One of the reasons for this announcement is the economic and social reactivation of Colombia. “The figures that the president has shown extensively show that economic growth”ended.

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