Fire in Recoleta

The tragic fire that broke out this Thursday in the building on the corner of Ecuador and Córdobain the neighborhood Recoletacaused the death of five people and forced the transfer of more than thirty people to different hospitals in the City of Buenos Aires. All the deceased belong to a large family who resides on the seventh floor of the building, where the fire would have originated.

It’s about family Jabbaz-Kibudi, made up of eleven members, members of the Orthodox Jewish community and dedicated to trade in that area, specifically to textile products. The fatalities were identified as the mother of the family, Sofia Kibudi50 years old, and four of his children: Esther Shira Jabbaz, 9 years old, Rafi Jabbaz and Miriam Orly Jabbaz, both 8 years old. Also reported was the death of a young woman of 20 yearsone of his eldest daughters, whose name did not come out.

The father, isaac jabbaz, 55, was intubated and remains hospitalized at the Rivadavia hospital in serious condition. He has burns on his face and airways. In that same health center, Ioni, 23, another of the family’s children, was hospitalized.

The family had a strong role within the Jewish community and they all belong to the Chofetz Chaimled by Rabbi Samuel Levin, with its headquarters at 900 Boulogne Sur Mer street, around the corner from where the building is located. In statements to PROFILEfrom the center they highlighted the “companionship” of the Jabbaz and that their children were “very good students”.

Fire in Recoleta: signs of lights to ask for help, unbearable smell and the desperation of the father of the family

Precisely, the boys attended Heichal Hatorah school, a few meters from his home, on Ecuador street between Córdoba and San Luis. The authorities of the establishment did not manifest themselves about what happened, for the moment.

The family group is native of the city of Lomas de Zamora and they moved to the Federal Capital five years ago. They are owners of an apartment that occupied the entire seventh floor of the building, where the flames began and later spread to the eighth floor.

Ioni Shabaz, father of the family victim of the tragedy 20220623

City Firefighters explained that the room is 3x10x2.8 meters, and the fire covered the kitchen, three bedrooms and a bathroom, in a generalized way. Also, the fire reached the corridors and it affected a living room in the upstairs apartment, while the rest of the rooms were affected by smoke and glass breakage.

On the other hand, the sources indicated that minors they were rescued alive, but they arrived dead at the hospital. Kibudi was transferred to Fernández, her eldest daughter to Ramos Mejía and her children to Ricardo Gutiérrez children’s hospital.

Shock in the Jewish community over the tragic fire

Various institutions and organizations of the Jewish community in Argentina issued statements expressing the pain caused by the tragic event.

“The Israeli embassy in Argentina expresses its condolences to the loved ones of the deceased in today’s fire that occurred in the Recoleta building. To those who are injured, we wish a speedy recovery. May tragedies like this never happen again“, they asked from the diplomatic mission.

“With great pain, we express our condolences to the loved ones of those who died in the fire that occurred in the building on Ecuador street, a few meters from Córdoba Avenue. We pray for the speedy recovery of those injured in this terrible tragedy,” they said from the DAIA (Delegation of Argentine Israelite Associations).

the rabbi Elijah Hamrapresident of AMIA’s Vaad Hakeilot and referent of the chafez chaim community, where the Jabbaz were, he also expressed himself on his social networks: “We are in the right place accompanying families and making ourselves available to collaborate in everything that is within our reach. It’s a day of deep sadness and we hope families can find comfort,” he wrote.

In tune, the AMIA authorities They expressed their “deep sorrow” and their “condolences to the loved ones of the deceased”. “We wish the speedy recovery of those injured in this tragedy that saddens the entire society,” they concluded.


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