Jaime Ordiales rules out Maxi Araujo for Cruz Azul

CDMX.– In an interview for ESPN, the sports director, James ordinalsnoted that Maxi Araujo is no longer an option Blue Cross.

Speaking about the reinforcements that have not arrived at Cruz Azul, Jaime Ordiales mentioned that Maxi Araujo will not arrive at the team.

Maxi (Araujo) no longer, because we are bringing the one we wanted down the left wing, it was the priority and thank God we were able to achieve it and everything is going well”, declared Ordiales.

Jaime Ordiales mentioned that there will be three reinforcements that will arrive at Cruz Azul, being Charles Rotondi the closest to be announced, but the issue of contracts is still missing, and he also talked about Bruno Mendezassuring that there is an intention to sign him, but his arrival at the team is not easy.

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Jaime Ordiales

The other is a center forward and we keep that aside, because it will be more expensive for us”, Ordiales added, adding that the priority for Cruz Azul is a central defender, a center forward and a left winger.

The sports director of Cruz Azul assured that Diego Aguirre He declared that he was concerned about the lack of players, because in the preseason there were, for the most part, footballers from the basic forces.

Blue Cross will have this Sunday, June 26, the Mx League Super Cup match against Atlas.

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