James Franco, incomprehensible Halifax, Hungarian gold medal

James Franco, incomprehensible Halifax, foggy Friday morning

If you decide to watch the 2022 Kayak-Canoe World Championships on site, you will have to make a big trip and go at any stage of the trip (be it airport check-in with transfers, arrival in the destination country, transfer or even hotel check-in) everywhere, one of the first questions asked by polite employees was “first time?”, which after a while involuntarily brought to mind the scene from The Ballad of Buster Scruggs that became a meme because of James Franco.

The first time?

Also memorable was the expression on the face of the friendly employee at the Munich airport when he found out that my first trip to Canada was in Halifax (the emphasis almost returned to the question “but why?”), but if it’s the Kayak-Canoe World Championship, it’s the third time in Dartmouth The event is hosted by Lake Banook.

The participants had a foggy morning, but particularly pleasant weather on Friday, where the semi-finals were already held.

Half past the morning

First Korisánszky David was interested in the men’s C–1 200 meters, the first race of which brought an amazing battle, and the three-time World Championship bronze medalist in canoe crossed the finish line in first place – although it was not certain for a few minutes.

I was a bit nervous about making it to the line so I wouldn’t be disqualified. I checked about 15 times this week to see exactly where it was, to make sure the kick was in the right place, but luckily I was able to pass

Korisánszky, who fell into the water at the finish line, told Index.

The arrival at the destination came out much worse István Kuli, Kolos Csizmadia, Ádám Varga, Bence Nádas for the kayak foursome at 500 meters, since in the last centimeter, in addition to the Czechs and the French, to the great joy of the home fans, the Canadian quartet also overtook ours, who thus only qualified for the B final.

The parties unanimously regretted that they could not return the performance they had in the competition based on the training.

He is a silver medalist in both 2019 and 2021 Come on Jonathan, Ádám Fekete double didn’t give her a chance to miss the final, she led the first half of the semi-final with great pressure, and finally finished the race in second place behind the Chinese canoe double.

The first 300 meters were almost flawless. Jonatán and I are maximalists, we can always improve and do better. The last two hundred wasn’t as torquey as it should have been, I admit this to the fact that we trained on incredibly hard water, and this is much softer, we still have to feel that. The start and the cruising speed are already there, in the finish you still have to feel the blade to grip well. If we can put this together for the final, then we will achieve a good result

– summed up for our newspaper Adam Black who told us that they would like to win the competition, but the most important thing is to get the Olympic quota next year.

To Gergely Balogh in the K–1 500 meters, after an encouraging start, he had to settle for fourth place, so, like the four, he will also be interested in the B final.

“I’m disappointed because I definitely wanted to make it to the finals, but in the B final I’m throwing myself into the fight with even more enthusiasm just to show it off. At the same time, I played a maximum course, I couldn’t have done more than that, so I’m satisfied with that, obviously not with the placing” – assessed the 21-year-old kayaker.

Pál Péter Kiss once again dominated the field

Finals were held in the para discipline, the 2019 and 2021 world champion, Paralympic champion in Tokyo Péter Pál Kiss and this time he also reached the top in the KL1 200 meter race.

I tried to get off to a good start, because especially at 200 meters it is very important how much you can accelerate at the very beginning, you can still take it lower than that, but you can no longer shift higher. In the middle, I took it back a bit so that I could reserve a bit, so at the end I was able to speed up a bit more, and thank God it worked

– the now three-time world champion summed up his race.

In the same issue Robert Suba he was in the battle for the medal positions, and finally finished the 200 meters in fourth place.

In the KL2 200m final András Rozbora finished in 7th position and KL3 in 200m Little Erik aa was eighth.

(Cover photo: Péter Pál Kiss won the 200-meter competition of the KL1 category at the Kayak-Canoe World Championships held in Halifax, Canada – Photo: László Borbély/Index)

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