Janeček and Diviš will appeal against the figures of the Ministry of the Interior
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“Such a high error rate cannot be sufficiently explained statistically,” noted Janeček. “We are analyzing the situation and I believe we will find the cause. In any case, I will appeal and request a review within the legal deadline,” he added through his spokeswoman, Nikol Klevcovová.

According to the ministry, Janeček provided 74,208 signatures, but the ministry first discarded the empty and crossed-out fields, resulting in a figure of 71,828. During the check, roughly a third of them did not pass. In total, the Ministry recognized the number of 48,091, which does not meet the legal limit. Janeček stated that his team checked the signatures and discarded illegible and poorly filled signatures.

Diviš will also appeal

Another eliminated candidate, businessman Karel Diviš, will also appeal against the department’s action. He submitted 61,438 signatures, the ministry recognized 49,884 of them, which is just short of the required 50,000 mark.

“We will appeal because the number of signatures published by the ministry, i.e. 61,438, does not fit us. According to our numbers, we handed in 61,600. If our number was correct, we would have reached the 50,000 signature mark,” Diviš told Novinkám.

Candidates have until the middle of next week to file an appeal.

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