Janusz Walus and Jacob Zuma cases: the rule of law under pressure in South Africa
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Two court decisions stunned South Africa within hours of each other. Monday, November 21, an appeals court ruled illegal the conditional release for medical reasons of former President Jacob Zuma, ordering his return to prison.

The same day, it was the Constitutional Court which ordered, this time, the conditional release of Janusz Walus, murderer of Chris Hani, hero of the fight against apartheid assassinated in 1993, a year before the election of Nelson Mandela. Two difficult decisions to take for part of public opinion, to the point that the police were put “on alert” to deal with any overflow, reports the South African media News24.

“The public is urged not to share inflammatory messages [sur les réseaux sociaux]”, said Athlenda Mathe, spokesperson for the police, quoted by News24. Because the situation is cause for concern. In July 2021, the sentencing of former President Jacob Zuma to fifteen months in prison, for his refusal to testify before a commission of inquiry into corruption despite a court injunction, sparked a wave of riots and looting causing more than 300 deaths. Two months later, he was released for medical reasons on the decision of the director of penitentiary services, one of his old allies, despite the unfavorable opinion of the medical council responsible for examining the request. The Constitutional Court has just ruled the maneuver illegal.

“Irrational” decision

The same day, the murderer of Chris Hani, an extremely popular figure in the pantheon of martyrs of the struggle against apartheid, won a legal battle by obtaining the release on parole which had been refused to him for years. In 1993, the assassination of the then d

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