Javier Milei came out to 'answer' Cristina: "Change your economists, because the ones you have are total donkeys"

“Cristina, I just heard you. I would suggest that you change the economists next to you, because they are total donkeys,” said the libertarian deputy Javier Milei on their social networks this Friday, May 6, as “response” to the affirmations the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner had done at the University of Chaco, when showing a table with numbers of monetary base growth in relation to GDPfrom 2015 to date, held that “It is not the one that generates inflation.”

But Milei replied on networks that these statements by the vice president in the province of Jorge Capitanich, instead of proving that the monetary base does not generate inflation, “They prove the opposite, what they prove is how the GDP has not grown since 2011, all the inflation was caused by that monetary issue.”

“Cristina, your economists are real donkeys, they gave you a table to show that inflation is not a monetary phenomenon. But I tell you that they showed you a table of monetary aggregates in terms of GDP and you know what? The aggregates are stable in terms of GDP, and since at that time there was no expansion of the GDP, because here the GDP has not expanded since 2011, then what you showed means that all the inflation was generated by the monetary issue”, stated Milei, in a short video, in which his face appeared in the foreground.

Cristina Kirchner in her long dissertation upon receiving an honorary doctorate from the University of Chaco, had insisted on inflation as a multi-causal phenomenon, trying to “to put an end to what all the economists repeat that there is inflation because we hit the little machine…”.

“ADDED BIBLIOGRAPHY”, titled his message Milei on social networks, closing by pointing out in allusion to Kirchnerism that “you represent the most stale of the caste model that has destroyed this country in the last 40 years. Rich politicians and poor citizens. If we come to power we will to bring down each and every one of the atrocities they have committed.


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