Cristina Kirchner in Avellaneda

Javier Milei did not miss the mention that the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner made about him in his speech in Avellaneda and challenged her to an economic debate. In addition, the national deputy clarified his comments in favor of Margaret Thatcher and announced that he will take to justice Elisa Carrio.

“To make matters worse, now one has appeared that also says that the best minister in history was Cavallo, so you can imagine how the people are, we are for collective suicide”, was the brief passage that the former president dedicated this Monday, June 20, to Javier Milei in a plenary session of the CTA for Flag Day.

The economist was one of the targets of Cristina Kirchner, who also criticized the wealthiest sectors that are part of the “import party”, the debt contracted by Mauricio Macri with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the trinity of the national economic sector made up of the Ministries of Economy and Production together with the Central Bank.

“Go and find your own archive ma’am, you also said it was the most important painting in history. Plus, since she’s so obsessed with libertarians, you know what? look at me Look me in the face. I challenge her to a debate and show her that all the things she said about inflation are wrong”, Milei attacked, looking at the camera.

In the first place, the legislator and economist clarified that he saw fragments of the speech and recognized “fundamentals” in the vice-presidential speech. “I did not see the speech, fragments did reach me and I detect that there are foundations in what he says, it is not that he is saying it on air, what happens is that I do not adhere to those theoretical schemes, for me there are several things that are wrong”, Milei clarified this Monday in dialogue with Jonatan Viale in +Reality (LN+).

Another of the hot spots that Cristina Kirchner touched on was evasion, one of the facts that, from her perspective, drives the lack of dollars in local reserves. “It is not that there are no dollars or that we lack dollars… the Argentine economy produces dollars escaping. The dollars are out and that is the problem we have today: the shortage of dollars and the bi-monetary economy”defined the vice.

“If she is claiming less evasion, that is, she is saying that it is a collection problem and, consequently, what she is saying basically is the counterpart of the monetary issue, with which there is a logical consistency error” contradicted the deputy of La Libertada Avanza.

“He has no brain” and “weak memory”: opposition criticism of Cristina Kirchner’s speech

Milei, Cristina Kirchner and inflation

Javier Milei also did not avoid the perceptions of the Vice President about inflation. “You export to be able to import, it is marketing. How is the standard of living for the Swiss? One of the best in the world. They produce chocolates, tourism, watches, financial services and paper knives. Just that. You go to a supermarket and there is nothing made for them, except chocolates, and do they live poorly? No,” she justified.

On this subject, the economist argued that the rise in prices “is not only a problem of how much the Central Bank issues, but also that there is no demand for money.”

Cristina Kirchner in Avellaneda.

Complaints: Milei advanced demands to Carrió and Fontanet

The future candidate for president in 2023 maintained that he will bring to justice the leader of the CC-ARI, Elisa Carrió, and the former singer of the band Callejeros, Patrick “Duck” Fontanetwho had compared him to Adolf Hitler and Nazism.

“The point is not to do it only with journalists. And, precisely, it is not only with journalists. It is also with a singer (by Fontanet), and a politician (by Carrió). I am against everyone who operates and lies,” said Milei.

In May, the libertarian leader sued five journalists for a “defamatory rally” against his image: Pablo Duggan, Fabián Doman, Débora Plager, Paulo Vilouta and Martín Candalaft.

Javier Milei sued five journalists for $5 million for “defamatory rally”: who are they and why

Milei spoke of her defense of Margaret Thatcher

Like every week, Milei got into the ring of controversy with a counterproductive phrase, which collided squarely with a historical event in the country. “I feel very identified, in historical terms, basically with Churchill, with Reagan and with Margaret Thatcher”, he defined.

During the Falklands War, the prime minister known as “The Iron Lady” was the one who led the British offensive against Argentina. “First point: I defend our sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands. Second point: I pay tribute to the men who gave their lives for our country in Malvinas. About that, there should be no doubt. Now, another thing is what I think of Thatcher, ”she separated.


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