Javier Milei proposed to “reform” the Ministry of Education and targeted the universities

Deputy Javier Milei targeted the Ministry of Education as an institution and maintained that if he became president, he would not have an official for that position. “Would you have a Ministry that does not have schools?”he stated in an interview in LN+.

Milei criticized the functions assigned to the Ministry of Education according to the current legislative framework. “Education depends on the provinces,” she pointed out. She thus remembered transfer of competences in this matter to the jurisdictions in the 1990s.

In this sense, he was asked if he would close the educational portfolio. “I would give it another format”, he remarked, and insisted on his proposal: “It has no schools and education is in the hands of the provinces”.

However, in the TV show Almost Patriots They reminded him that the universities are under the purview of the Ministry of Education. Milei was adamant on this point. “Indoctrination Centers”, express.

Statements by the libertarian legislator and economist They did not go unnoticed on social networks and there were several leaders who distanced themselves or even questioned that point of view.

“I disagree with this proposition. renunciation of minimum and non-delegable obligations of the State”, said the Minister of Education of the City, Soledad Acuna.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta’s official fully criticized Milei’s argument. “We can agree on the need to reform the Ministry and make it more efficient, but never to dismantle it or renounce education as the engine of development of a country”, he asserted.

Through a Twitter thread, Acuña completed his reasoning and took the opportunity to shoot against the Nation. “The evidence of what would happen without a Ministry of Education, or with a weak ministry, is in sight: In Chubut, the classes are going through a conflict that has lasted five years. In Santa Cruz and Chaco, the situation is becoming unsustainable.”

The Buenos Aires official considered that the country needs “strategic guidelines for its educational policies” and permanent coordination between provinces to guarantee minimum quality floors.

And he remarked: “For this reason, be very careful not to get carried away by light opinions, made from the comfort of the lack of concrete responsibilities. A country that does not strategically look at education as a tool for progress has no destiny”.

Javier Milei did not respond directly to the official in the networks. Nevertheless, chose to retweet comments from his followers that they supported his point of view and that they criticized the explanation given by Acuña.

“Be careful, Javier Milei is not so wrong. In Germany, primary and secondary education is strictly of the Länder (territories) and what there is at the national level is a Conference of Ministers of Education… of the territories. No national ministry,” said Pedro Cornelio von Eiken.

“Clearly, Soledad Acuña, despite being the Minister of Education of CABA, has serious problems of understanding. What Javier Milei expresses is that the schools depend on the Provinces. Thus making it meaningless to maintain a National Ministry of Education,” said José Ignacio Trogliero. It was another of the messages that the legislator shared.

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