Jessica Cirio

Jessica Cirio has a community of 3.4 million followers in your account Instagram. From there, he publishes exclusive content for his followers and breaks social networks.

This time he posed with military green pants and some sneakers that combine with the tones that are coming this summer in Argentina.

Jesica Cirio (Instagram/)

The model takes her selfies and takes all the eyes of her followers. She sitting on a chair she knows how to display all her sensuality.

“The week is coming to an end” He wrote on his networks. “What plans do you have for tonight?” he asked his fans.

It quickly garnered thousands of likes and hundreds of reactions.

Jesica Cirio surprises everyone on Instagram.

Jesica Cirio surprises everyone on Instagram. (Instagram/)

“You are beautiful”, “A total bomb”, “You are a goddess”, “The most beautiful in Argentina”, His followers wrote to him.

Jessica Cirio captivates in the networks and takes all the red hearts of Instagram.

The intimate secrets of Jesica Cirio

In a broadcast of Morfi, the program he hosted, Jessica revealed intimacies of her husband, Martin Insaurralde.

Really, and capable that I say it and it kills me, really amazing because we are fatally in love. Think that last year I spent a lot of time outside. (…) I spent my time traveling around the world, so we were more on the run, ”she began by saying.

Jesica Cirio posed for her fans

Jesica Cirio posed for her fans (Instagram/)

I think this pandemic made us honey: there are ‘I love you’, kisses, hugs, we stay in bed…”, confessed Jésica.

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