Police managed to recover the stolen goods.  (Photo: Disclosure/PMMS)
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Criminals were armed and with jewelry from the robbery they had committed hours before

By Marcos Tenório | 11/17/2022 23:04

Police managed to recover the stolen goods. (Photo: Disclosure/PMMS)

A duo accused of robbing a jewelry store in Paranaíba, 408 kilometers from Campo Grande, was arrested by the Military Police (PM), in the early hours of this Thursday (17). The authors would have used violence and threat to steal several jewels and money from the place.

According to police information, during the investigations into the crime, they received information on where the perpetrators could be hiding. With that, the agents set up an operation to capture the perpetrators.

In a house, the police found two young men and along with two loaded firearms and several jewels and materials that were stolen from the jewelery shop.

At the scene, police still located a vehicle that would have been used in crime. The perpetrators were arrested and taken to the Civil Police station accompanied by a lawyer.

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