Jimmy Frey lives in constant pain since bicycle accident
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Charm singer Jimmy Frey (83) was run over by a cyclist a few years ago. Since then he has lived in constant pain, he says this week First.

In the seventies Jimmy Frey scored one Flemish hit after another: So beautiful, so blonde and also Take those roses to Sandra and the sing-along Saragoza. He was diagnosed with cancer at the age of fifty, but recovered.

“I have always taken good care of myself,” he says this week First. Jimmy Frey took up running and cycling. A few years ago he was run over by another cyclist, who committed a hit and run. Numerous operations have followed since then. He got two new hips and one new knee.

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But his back hurts constantly. The second operation that was supposed to fix that failed. Frey says he becomes forgetful and has to be very careful when taking his medication. At one point he considered moving to a residential care home, but a close friend advised him to stay at home. For the time being he has his food delivered to his house, but he hopes to be able to cook his own meals again soon.

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